Odors - fumes and Acetone eliminator

Odors – fumes and Acetone eliminator

Odor eliminator EcoSystem, concentrated odors, fumes and Acetone eliminator, through atomization, mixed with water, using a fan, pump and droplets are sprayed into the air in the system internally. Neutralize either odors or Acetone on contact, the equipment offers either odor or Acetone, and dust control from many industrial processes. For Aceton treament application, the equipment can be found at many car painting workshops.

Depending volume, surface area, type of odor and dust, also level of odor control. The machine and equipment come in a variety of design. Of course, a custom-designed systems as a option will be satisfied upon your requested.

Where odors – fumes and Acetone and dust come from?

Odors and fumes, and dust as well are the natural by-product of many paiting and chemical manufacturing processes. They are not physically dangerous, but have proved to be psychologically dangerous. A number of methods have been developed for controlling and eliminating industrial odors and fumes, EcoSystem was born for such applications. Air pollution problems are given more attention in the public press every day. The system for odor have proved successful in the fields. Thanks to EcoSys, could be considered as a lowest methods for odor and fumes control.

Odors - fumes and Acetone eliminator
Odors – fumes and Acetone eliminator

Sample product specification odor eliminator

  • Odor eliminator votage (V): 220/380
  • Flow (m3/h): 12,000
  • Tank volume (L): 450    
  • Water pump power (W): 750
  • Inlet (mm): 600*600
  • Operating port size (mm): 600*600
  • Dimension L*W*H (mm): 1560*1060*1360
  • Noise (dBA): n/a
  • Fan: n/a
  • Materials: inox SUS.304 – SUS.201
  • Delivery time: To be confirmed
  • Price: Contact for details

For more in details, please contact email info@vnaco.com or hotline +84938248589